(1) In every district (not being a metropolitan area), the High Court shall appoint a Judicial Magistrate of the first class to be the Chief Judicial Magistrate.
(2) The High Court may appoint any Judicial Magistrate of the first class to be an Additional Chief
Judicial Magistrate, and such Magistrate shall have all or any of the powers of a Chief Judicial Magistrate
under this Code or under any other law for the time being in force as the High Court may direct.
(3) (a) The High Court may designate any Judicial Magistrate of the first class in any sub-division as
the Sub-divisional Judicial Magistrate and relieve him of the responsibilities specified in this section as
occasion requires.
(b) Subject to the general control of the Chief Judicial Magistrate, every Sub-divisional Judicial
Magistrate shall also have and exercise, such powers of supervision and control over the work of the
Judicial Magistrates (other than Additional Chief Judicial Magistrates) in the sub-division as the High
Court may, by general or special order, specify in this behalf.

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